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Summer Group

A seasonal business offering rentals in Switzerland and Austria.
Heimishe Summer Group showcases a beautiful website where families can book a relaxing vacation in the picturesque Swiss Alps.
While working with them, we realized that this business needs a unique, customized booking system integrated into their site. A professional coder joined us for this project and we delivered it just in time for the holiday season. All houses were rented out in record-time with minimal setbacks.

Real Maple

This e-commerce website was constructed with the shoppers’ needs in mind.
Maple down’s animated website showcases comfortable pillows made with Canadian goose down, thicker and fluffier than anything on the market.
With its seamless checkout and efficient customer-service chats, this website was tailored and designed to create a pleasurable shopping experience.

Maharam Tav

This website was beautifully designed with great care taken to ensure a smooth read and even smoother ‘donate’ options.
After a fairly short process, with all the right people on board, the website went live. In no time this popular charity NPO organization saw results as they garnered more viewers, more clicks and more donations.

Quebec printing

 A well-known printing business in Montreal who also sells office supplies, wholesale and retail. This was a super complex website to build because it needed Shopify applications with an option to self-upload docs for printing, while allowing for detailed specifications.
BQ ended up with a beautiful, animated landing page that already allows for personalized label shopping. Within 3 months they’ll launch a fully-functional, self-serve printing platform where anyone can browse, choose, upload and ship their projects.“
Thank you Point”, says Mr. Y. Roth, “building my website with you was verycost-effective.”

Canadian Taxt

Canadian Tax Compliance is a thriving firm for whom we have recently upgraded their SEO and their back-end so they can add blogs and generate traffic.
They boast a leading, professional website that allows anyone the world over to log in and check that they’re compliant with Canadian government requirements.
It’s run on a seamless, easy-to-navigate platform where people are on it at any given moment.“
Our metrics show an uptick in clickable searches since our most recent updates”, says Yanky Neuman.

Vouchers offers

Business owners and philanthropists enjoy unparalleled UX on this simple easy-to-navigate website. Visually appealing due to its uncluttered, clear layout, every user who needs vouchers can enjoy ordering and tracking their orders on a specialized system developed by Point.

The Process Map

It starts with a spark of vision, which you want to expand into a comprehensive user-friendly website.
At Point, we’ve simplified our process so that you get the perfect website with less stress and better solutions.
The Meeting
All parties involved have a session where we dig deep until we have a crystal-clear picture of your vision and your needs.
The Magic
Our staff gets to work writing and designing your website. We then develop it and optimize it with seamless UX and relevant SEO.
The Masterpiece
It’s time to show the world what you have to offer. With your chosen domain and our hosting, your site will work for you 24 hours a day.
The Masterpiece
It’s time to show the world what you have to offer. With your chosen domain and our hosting, your site will work for you 24 hours a day.

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I needed a very specific solution within a very tight time frame. Mr. Fried understood exactly what I wanted. I’m for sure using his services again.
Bureau Quebec printing
When I came to Point to discuss my business and my website, I wasn’t sure what I needed. They created my e-commerce website from A to Z.
Menachem Ekstein,
CEO Maple Down
Quick, efficient, reliable and creative
Mrs. Dershowitz,
Heimishe summer group

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